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                               :: Justice's Legacy ::

In November 2009 I experienced an unexpected pregnancy-turned-early pregnancy loss. Alone and dealing with the grief, sometimes it felt as though I were the only one who cared about this amazing human being the world had just lost.... Sometimes it seemed no one else could see just how much of an impact my little baby had. Sometimes I just needed someone to say her name.

I named her Justice because, although her visit was brief, she came for a purpose. In her appearance and in her passing there were many things she taught me. Humility and a new kind of love were the two most important. She was only 5 weeks old in my tummy but she became wiser than anyone I knew when she spread her wings and flew to the skies. She knows things now that I don't know. She watches over my steps, when I was supposed to watch over hers. In my heart I feel my baby was a girl... but her gender will be remain uncertain until we meet in heaven! And that's why her middle name Miles is so special - it means "uncertain, perhaps peaceful." 

It is in Justice's memory that I dedicate this endeavor of love, to give back some peace and comfort to those who might find it here. Just as any baby who is born is issued a birth certificate, here any baby who's conceived is given a Soul Certificate, free.

This project is still new and growing, but I hope you will take the journey with me. There is a life to be recognized, no matter how soon departed. These little ones touch our hearts and we are never the same. And we never forget.

Justice's theme is piggies. The day I lost her I picked up a stuffed pig with the book "If you give a pig a pancake". Ever since, I can't see a piglet without thinking of her :)

If you request a Soul Certificate, please feel free to share in confidence with me the story of your angel, too.

Daughtry - "Gone Too Soon"

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