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This website was last updated on June 16, 2013

I regret to inform all of you that I cannot keep up with this website at this time. I took violently ill for 3 months and have not yet started on the certificates of those who are waiting. I have also not updated Heaven's List. I apologize greatly, but please understand I'm going through a difficult period right now, I will have your certificates completed asap. Love to you all... Your patience is greatly appreciated, and your babies' memories, honored.

IMPORTANT :: ASAP I will add your baby's name/date to Heaven's List. If you do not see your baby's name on this list within a week PLEASE email me! Things happen and sometimes information is accidentally left out of the order form - like your email address!! :) And I want to make sure you get your baby's certificate.

Welcome :)

Justice for All is honored to offer certificates of life for babies of all types of pregnancy loss (SIDS included). (Although this website is aimed at pregnancy loss, I also can personalize a design for the loss of anyone who was important to you.)

Please have a look around the website for more information on how you can receive your own Soul Certificate. These are free & personalized for anyone who has lost a child, or knows someone who has lost a child. Whether you knew about your baby for one week, or held them in your arms after giving birth; no matter how far along you were when your baby became an angel, you are entitled to grieve, to love, and to live with your little one in your heart for all time. Just as any baby who is born is issued a birth certificate, here any baby who's conceived is given a Soul Certificate. These certificates recognizing our babies' lives can be a comfort - to slide into a scrapbook, tuck inside a memory box, or hang in a frame on your wall in quiet but proud remembrance. Our babies deserve to be acknowledged for their impact they've had on us and this world, even in the short time they were here.

Please have a look around my website using the navigation buttons at the top of the screen and find your way to a certificate worthy of your own little one's memory. oxox

I do this for free, because our babies are priceless.

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